[PyQt] Plans for PyQt with respect to Qt 5.6

Scott Kitterman debian at kitterman.com
Sat Dec 19 02:22:52 GMT 2015

On Saturday, December 19, 2015 01:11:09 AM Phil Thompson wrote:
> On 18 Dec 2015, at 7:03 pm, Florian Bruhin <me at the-compiler.org> wrote:
> > * Phil Thompson <phil at riverbankcomputing.com> [2015-12-18 18:39:30 +0000]:
> >> On 18 Dec 2015, at 6:26 pm, Detlev Offenbach <detlev at die-offenbachs.de> 
> >>> Hi Phil,
> >>> 
> >>> I would like to know about your plans with respect to Qt 5.6. I am
> >>> specially worried about the fact, that they dropped QtWebKit from the
> >>> sources (see the Qt 5.6 Beta announcement). Does this mean, that PyQt5
> >>> will not support QtWebKit anymore? That would kill eric's help
> >>> viewer/web browser.>> 
> >> PyQt5 v5.6 will support QtWebKit when built against Qt v5.5 and earlier.
> > 
> > What if it's built against Qt 5.6, with QtWebKit installed from the
> > repository? That's the way Qt still supports so far, and as far as I
> > know, they ensure it still compiles.
> The "official" position is that PyQt supports the Qt releases, nothing more,
> nothing less.
> However, if it easy to reference an external copy of QtWebKit (via new flags
> to configure.py) then I'm happy to accept patches that implement that
> support. Such patches will not be tested (except to make sure they don't
> break regular builds).
> > I'm guessing that's what distributions will do (at least I confirmed
> > Archlinux will), so it'd be sad if they had to drop PyQt5.QtWebKit.
> That's the real problem for Detlev. What are the Linux distros going to do
> regarding QtWebKit?

In Debian we are actively trying to remove QtWebKit for Qt4 from the archive 
as rapidly as we can.  For Qt5, I don't know.  We've held off packaging 
QtWebEngine as it's rather incompatible with how we prefer to do things (the 
embedded copy of chromium means that every time Google does a security update, 
we'll need a QtWebEngine Update.

Scott K

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