[PyQt] license question

Sampsa Riikonen sampsa.riikonen at iki.fi
Tue Dec 22 09:26:45 GMT 2015


I have a PyQt commercial license.

However, I have developed my software with the GPL version of the 
libraries, i.e. in linux they depend on the "standard" .deb packages 
fetched with "apt-get" and in windows, again with the "standard" 
..-gpl-..exe packages.

Now, in order to distribute my commercial app, do I have to reinstall 
all my libraries and use the "My Account => Downloads" version of the 
libraries?  I'd rather not do that (I'm lazy).



P. S. the answer to this stupid(?) question, is most likely "no, you 
dont have to reinstall".  Just wanted to be sure.

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