[PyQt] Further cosmetic comments on pyqtdeploy

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Mon Feb 2 22:44:49 GMT 2015

On 02/02/2015 6:51 pm, David Cortesi wrote:
> I assume as you are nearing a 1.0 release, comments of this sort, from 
> a
> first-time user, are useful?

Of course.

> Some of the "What's This" entries are helpful to a new user. However 
> when a
> What's This label has appeared, it apparently has to be manually 
> dismissed
> with a click, and while it is up, it blocks further What's This uses. 
> For
> example get the What's This of "Main script file". You are still 
> curious so
> you select Help:What's This? and click on another widget. But this has 
> no
> effect, other than to lose the "What's This" status of the mouse. (This 
> may
> be a failing of the Qt What's This machinery?)

It's the way Qt works.

> In the Standard Library tab, it is not clear why some of the choices 
> are
> bimodal between [blank] and [✓] states, while others are bimodal 
> between
> [-] and [✓] states. [-] sometimes seems to represent a dependency
> auto-selected, but in a new, empty .pdy file with no PyQt modules 
> selected
> and no source script named, many [-] selections are set nevertheless. 
> No
> obvious reason why e.g. "threading" or "subprocess" should be [-] in 
> that
> situation.

The interpreter does a lot of imports internally so there are a lot of 
hidden dependencies.

I'll try and calrify the relevant bits of the documentation.


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