[PyQt] pyqtdeployed app crashes android but not iOS

lloyd konneker bootch at nc.rr.com
Wed Feb 4 12:37:33 GMT 2015

The trace from QtCreator debug run is:

0 ??
1 Py_FatalError
2 _Py_InitializeEx_Private
3 pyqtdeploy_start( 

The same app runs on iOS (using pyqtdeploy in the same way for both targets, using the directory structure proscribed in the documentation.)

There is a reported crash of Python 3.4.2 on Android.  https://mail.python.org/pipermail/python-dev/2015-January/137951.html.

I’m just saying there MIGHT be another Python patch required.  I haven’t tracked it down and it could be my error.

pyqtdeploy 0.9
Python 3.4.2
Qt 5.4.0
NDK r10d
SDK  ??? recent
host is OSX
Xcode 6.1.1
Qt Creator 3.3.0

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