[PyQt] Complete guide to compiling and bundling PyQt5

Marcus Ottosson konstruktion at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 22:58:54 GMT 2015

Hi all,

I've completed a full walkthrough of how to update the "PyQt5 for Pip"
package for future updates of Qt, latest one is currently 5.3.1 with 5.4
popping up in a few days.

This means that there should be less lagging behind Riverbank for pip
distributions and Python 2 support, and may also be useful for anyone
looking to deploy PyQt5 applications as many of the concerns in bundling
dependencies are similar if not identical.

- https://github.com/pyqt/python-qt5/wiki/Updating-the-repository

Next step is automating the steps by means of a Python script which would
make it possible to automatically trigger updates in tune with original
Riverbank distributions, and after that is support for more platforms and
more versions of Python (32-bit and MSC1600 for example) as it's currently
only covering Windows x64 for Python x64 MSC1500.

PyQt5 for Python 2 on Windows can still be installed via pip as per normal.

> pip install python-qt5

- https://github.com/pyqt/python-qt5


*Marcus Ottosson*
konstruktion at gmail.com
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