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Christoph Buelter c.buelter at arcor.de
Mon Feb 9 21:12:31 GMT 2015


I think I narrowed it down to my qtwinmigrate project not building 
correctly. I was able to create a .lib as described below,
but I think I need to include the MFC libraries from Visual Studio somehow.

I think so because a dumpbin /exports on the dll file gave pretty much 
nothing, it seems the dll does not expose any functions and also I am 
getting __declspec and __declimport errors during the nmake process when 
using the .lib file. The dumpbin result showed exported functions when I 
removed the _AFXDLL include from the qtwinmigrate.pri file, as it 
suggests when a build wihtout that dependency is needed.

So my question is:

How can I tell the qtwinmigrate to include the MFC headers/libraries? To 
be honest I haven't even found the files yet.




I am pretty close to building Python bindings for QtWinMigrate using 
these sip files <https://github.com/glennra/PyQtWinMigrate>, Qt 4.8.5, 
Python 2.7.3 and nmake on Windows.

I have my own little configure.py to use sip's build system to create a 
Makefile, sipAPI*.h and sip*.cpp files based on the QtWinMigrate.sip.
The two needed moc files I created manually like: moc -o 
moc_qwinwidget.h qwinwidget.h
Please see the complete Makefile here: http://pastebin.com/WG1WRTGw

However the Makefile somehow misses some includes, which I added 
manually (line 8, headers for Qt and QtWinMigrate).
It also seems to expect a QtWinMigrate.lib, which I am not sure how to 
create and setup properly.

When I build the qtwinmigrate project using:
cd qtwinmigrate
configure -library
it will build a .dll, .exp and .lib in the \lib directory, but named 
like QtSolutions_MFCMigrationFramework-head.lib.

Is that the one I need? How to reference it correctly in the Makefile?
Btw, do I have to reference the MFC libraries/headers somehow?

Thanks for your help,

>>  Hello,
>> I am trying to create a python binding for the QtWinMigrate 
>> <https://qt.gitorious.org/qt-solutions/qt-solutions/source/67a72e3bc2e49ffc9e99b9845b1c314bf86f6941:qtwinmigrate>library 
>> on Windows, but I am having problems with the final steps.
>> I managed to build sip, Qt 4.8.5 and PyQt 4.11.3. There are existing 
>> sip files for QtWinMigrate at: https://github.com/glennra/PyQtWinMigrate
>> Now here is the part I am not really sure about:
>> I copied the sip files to: C:\PyQt-win-gpl-4.11.3\sip and tried to run:
>> cd C:\PyQt-win-gpl-4.11.3\sip
>> sip -c . -I . QtWinMigrate.sip
>> Which fails with:
>> sip: Q_PID is undefined
>> I then tried:
>> sip -c . -I . -t WS_WIN QtWinMigrate.sip
>> Which fails with:
>> sip: HWND is undefined
>> So either way something is missing and I have no idea how to add it.
>> Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
>> Cheers,
>> Chris

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