[PyQt] QAbstractListModel & QMl ListView: Invisible Items

Jonas Schürmann jonasschuermann at aol.de
Mon Feb 23 22:34:13 GMT 2015

I just implemented the same example in C++ and it looks alright, no problems 
Took me some time, I'm kind of a C++-noob :P
Sources attached


Am Montag, 23. Februar 2015, 21:39:57 schrieb Florian Bruhin:
> * Jonas Schürmann <jonasschuermann at aol.de> [2015-02-23 21:17:17 +0100]:
> > Thanks for the feedback!
> > 
> > Unfortunately I forgot to tell my current setup in my last email.
> > I am running Arch Linux, Python 3.4.2, Qt/PyQt 5.4.
> FWIW I'm on the same setup and see the same issue.
> I don't see anything obviously wrong with your model or anything - but
> have you tried using it with a normal ("C++") QListView to verify it
> looks right there?
> Florian
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