[PyQt] pyqtdeploy: data file access on IOS

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Thank you for your response. Doing this results in the same directory 
structure: ':/pyqtdeploy_ptest1' that I've hardcoded into the 
sqlite3.connect() call: essentially the directory within the resource file.

Thats a great way to discover the full path into the resource file if 
you're using pyqt calls but unfortunately any other methods that use 
"standard Python file access functions such as sqlite3.connect() don't 
seem to be able to access the pyqt's resource file system.

This limitation is noted in the tutorial: 


Non-Python (i.e. data) files can also be included in the package. An 
application typically accesses such files by using 
theQFileInfo.absolutePath()function on the__file__attribute of a module 
to obtain the name of the directory containing the data file. This 
approach will also work with deployed applications so long as the file 
is accessed using theQFileclass (rather than the standard Python file 
access functions). However QML files require slightly different 
treatment as their locations are specified using a URL.

So right now my only way around this issue is to copy my sqlite3 
database file on to the IPad's file system which I can "see" using 
standrd Pythn file access functions such as pprint.pprint(os.listdir()) 
which returns:

















Hopefully someone at Riverbank will chime in here and set me straight.


On 2/24/15 5:36 AM, lloyd konneker wrote:
> Did you try using __file__ per the documentation here: 
> http://pyqt.sourceforge.net/Docs/pyqtdeploy/pyrcc.html ??
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