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Dear all, 

Please share your thoughts with me on how to get even a simple PyQt app running on Android.

__Some background info__:
I use Fedora 20 (KDE) to develop my PyQt apps
I develop using Python 2.7x in combination with PyQt4
Already have a desktop app for Windows and Linux variants (based on same Python 2.7 and PyQt4).
Want to port the desktop app to Android (for mobile/tablet platforms)

__Issues I found out__:
Qt4 is not supported at Android (I cannot find pre compiled binaries for Qt4 except from the Necessitas project which is in Beta since 2012, hardly any devellopment there). 

I have to switch to Qt5, right?

Q1) Am I correct that I then have to switch to Python 3.x too? 

Q2) I assume that PyQtDeploy does not contain the precompiled Qt5 binaries for Android either, is that correct?

Q3) Are there any precompiled binaries for Qt5 I can download for Android?

Q4) If there are no binaries to download for Android, I have to cross compile them, where can I find a solid piece of documentation to do so?

Q5) Do I cross compile just for Android AND/OR do I have to specify the target hardware platform during that cross compile (seems to me that there are more mobile processors/architectures or is there just one used by most known vendors like Samsung, LG, HTC, Google)?

Q6) Once I would have cross compiled Qt5, I assume I can then use PyQtDeploy to mold all things together in which I myself have to select all Qt5 binaries and other binaries needed by my app, is that correct?

Q7) Since I write closed source, I do not want to expose my source. Can PyQtDeploy hide the source in the final result?

Q8) Is the final result of PyQtDeploy an APK or do I have to make the APK myself after using PyQtDeploy?

Best regards

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