[PyQt] Qt5.5 / PyQt5.5 on OS X - SVG not in supportedImageFormats

Marko Luther marko.luther at gmx.net
Sun Jul 26 20:06:51 BST 2015

I compiled Qt 5.5 and PyQt 5.5 under Python 3.4 from source on OS X 10.7.

QImageReader.supportedImageFormats() lacks the SVG entry and thus QIcon does not display SVG icons.

Under Qt 5.5 / PyQt 4.11.4 under the same Python 3.4 the SVG entry exists and the icons are displayed as expected. Same also on another machine running Qt 5.4.2 / PyQt 4.11.4 / Python 2.7.

Is there a trick to compile PyQt 5.5 with SVG support or do I need to import extra packages (eg. QtXml)? The underlying Qt 5.5 seems to have all the necessary modules plugins in place:


On tracking the files open by the python process I see that none of those shared libs is opened on

# python3.4
>>> from PyQt5.QtGui import QImageReader
>>> print(QImageReader.supportedImageFormats())

but those for the other formats like libqtiff.dylib are opened.

Thanks for any hint,

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