[PyQt] PyQt5 qwebview not found in qtwebkit

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Thu Jul 30 15:22:17 BST 2015

Dear all

I'm trying to port my PyQt4 app to PyQt5. One of the reasons is that I want WebKit2 functionality. The PyQt Riverbank website states that QtWebKit is WebKit2 and QtWebKitWidgets is using Webkit1.

However I can't find the QWebView inside QtWebKit. I can find however QWebView inside QtWebKitWidgets (but that is not what I want to use since it is WebKit1 according to the Riverbank website).

>>> from PyQt5 import QtWebKit
>>> dir(QtWebKit)
['QWebDatabase', 'QWebElement', 'QWebElementCollection', 'QWebHistory', 'QWebHistoryInterface', 'QWebHistoryItem', 'QWebPluginFactory', 'QWebSecurityOrigin', 'QWebSettings', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', '__package__', 'qWebKitMajorVersion', 'qWebKitMinorVersion', 'qWebKitVersion']

>>> from PyQt5 import QtWebKitWidgets
>>> dir(QtWebKitWidgets)
['QGraphicsWebView', 'QWebFrame', 'QWebHitTestResult', 'QWebInspector', 'QWebPage', 'QWebView', '__doc__', '__file__', '__name__', '__package__']

How do I get WebKit2 (QWebView) functionality? 

Can I use WebEngine instead even when I port my app to Windows (Riverbank site states due to compiler used it does not run on Windows)?

Note: I use  QWebView as a simple browser but more and more sites do have problems with WebKit1. More specific with multimedia and Java (youtube.com site is a nice test that gives a poor result on Mac OSX and on some Linux flavors) . Using WebKit1 in Mac OSX seems even outdated..... I assume that WebKit2 is not like WebKit1.


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