[PyQt] PyQt4 and PyQt5 together on Linux?

Sibylle Koczian nulla.epistola at web.de
Wed Mar 4 16:58:18 GMT 2015


because I can't use PyQt5 for database applications I installed PyQt4 on 
Ubuntu 10.14 in addition to the existing PyQt5 installation. I've used 
the package manager for both, no visible problems installing. I did 
install the PyQt$-SQL package.

But: if I try to connect to a PostgreSQL database I get the message that 
the driver QPSQL isn't available. The list of available drivers only 

With PyQt5 I can access PostgreSQL databases from that same (virtual) 
machine, but as I wrote on February 11 adding new data to a qtableview 
doesn't work as expected.

What is wrong and what should I do?

Thank you for help,

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