[PyQt] [patch] Qt Linguist and pylupdate4: project layout and paths in my_software_*.ts

Jérôme jerome at jolimont.fr
Thu Mar 12 09:53:12 GMT 2015

Le 2015-03-09 14:12, Jérôme a écrit :

> Considering Qt Linguist's behaviour, shouldn't pylupdate4 write paths in
> the .ts file relative to the .ts file itself, rather than the .pro file
> ?


I've been digging a bit more:


It looks like pylupdate tries to write paths relative to the .ts file
but it expects paths in the .pro file to be absolute and fails if they
are not. Is this correct ?

Attached is an humble patch that allowed me to have pylupdate work fine
with relative paths in the .pro file. pylupdate translates those paths
to make them relative to the .ts file when saving the .ts file.

Thanks for any feedback.

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