[PyQt] PyqtProperty types

David Morris othalan at othalan.net
Mon Aug 29 20:31:22 BST 2016

On Mon, Aug 29, 2016 at 8:27 PM, Lais P. Carmo <lais.carmo at lnls.br> wrote:
> *2)* How can I create a property which is composed by others? An example
> of this kind is the property geometry of QWidget class: it is composed by
> X, Y, Width and Height properties.
Don't over think this, it is not complicated.  You have functions used to
get and set each property value ... anything can be done inside a function.
 *Anything.*  Just recombine data in a different format.   A property
doesn't even have to be connected to a real variable if you have a way of
generating the data.

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