[PyQt] Linux: Problem with QTreeView and Dot Directories

Vincent Vande Vyvre vincent.vande.vyvre at telenet.be
Thu Jul 7 09:44:54 BST 2016

Le 07/07/2016 10:08, Gottfried Müller a écrit :
> I am using Python 3.5, PyQt 5.6 and Qt 5.6 (Manjaro distribution)
> You can follow the problem with the small python script in the 
> attachment.
> There is a combobox with 2 entries (Home and a dot directory in the 
> home path). After the start of the example program switch to the 
> "UserShare" entry of the combobox. The treeview is empty now (I hope 
> so). When you go back to the "Home" entry of the combobox, you will 
> find beside of other directories in your home path (maybe) still the 
> entry ".test". The model filter "QDir.AllDirs | QDir.NoDotAndDotDot" 
> should not allow showing this entry. All other dot directories in the 
> home path are hidden.
> Is this a feature or a bug?
> Is it a problem of PyQt or Qt? I suppose it is more a problem of Qt. I 
> never wrote a C++ program. So it is not easy to me coding this example 
> in C++.
> Gottfried
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I think you have to separate NoDotAndDotDot with Qt5

QDir.AllDirs | QDir.NoDot | QDir.NoDotDot

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