[PyQt] QWebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor doesn't work

redstone-cold redstone-cold at 163.com
Wed Jul 13 02:35:07 BST 2016

Surely ,  set a parent for QObject can avoid many problems , we used to talk about it too.

在2016年07月13 01时18分, "Florian Bruhin"<me at the-compiler.org>写道:

* redstone-cold <redstone-cold at 163.com> [2016-07-13 01:15:46 +0800]:
> So if Qt does not has ownership of the interceptor , and  the
> interceptor isn't referenced by Python , then it is garbage
> collected, Right ?


> BTW, if we assign a parent to the interceptor(e.g.
> WebEngineUrlRequestInterceptor(profile)), then it is owned by Qt,
> therefore won't be garbage collected. I tested it!

Oh, right, that works as well. I usually try to always set a parent
for long-lived things.


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