[PyQt] pyd names in PyQt4

Silvan Scherrer silvan.scherrer at aroa.ch
Wed Jun 1 13:42:23 BST 2016

Hi all

I recently ported PyQt4 to OS/2 (yes it's still alive :) ). When I did 
so I had to shorten the names of some pyd, as a dll on OS/2 must be in 
8.3 format.
Of course I also ported SIP in advance to get all build nicely.

But now I have one issue, which I don't know how to solve.

When a app uses as example:
from PyQt4 import QtNetwork

this does not work, as my pyd is called QtNet.pyd.
So if I change the above import it runs.

My question is, is there a way to work this around? As changing the apps 
using PyQt4 looks like a wrong way to me.

regards and many thanks for an answer

/Silvan Scherrer
AROA Informatik AG
Tel. +41 71 243 55 77
Fax +41 71 243 55 70
www.aroa.ch <http://www.aroa.ch> / 		

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