[PyQt] Successful ports of PyQt5 apps to Android

redstone-cold redstone-cold at 163.com
Wed Jun 8 17:54:48 BST 2016

It would be better if you could write a tutorial on porting of PyQt5 apps to Android, I googled a lot, but cannot find one.

在2016年06月07 20时33分, "Sébastien RAMAGE"<sramage at poifindus.com>写道:

             I successfully made a app that use xmlrpc (so socket). the app is    running 24/24h on cheap android tablet used for employees clocking    in/off.
   It works good, better than kivy which is slower.
   The perfect combo for me is :
   python 3.5.1
   PyQt 5.4.2
   Qt 5.4.2
   Sip 4.18
   lastest pyqtdeploy
   (didn't manage to compile PyQt 5.5 or 5.6)

Le 07/06/2016 14:06, Rembrand at daxLAB      a écrit :

Dear all,

I see a lot of questions about porting PyQt5 applications to Android but I've never have seen a complete example of a full blown application port (using sockets and sqlite  modules of Python)  to Android (for mobile devices).  Is anyone out there that managed to do so successful?

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