[PyQt] Successful ports of PyQt5 apps to Android

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Fri Jun 10 16:33:29 BST 2016

On 10 Jun 2016, at 3:52 pm, Rembrand at daxLAB <rembrand at daxlab.com> wrote:
> Thank you S├ębastien RAMAGE, that gives me hope ;-)
> Are there more people out there that realized Successful ports of PyQt5 apps to Android?
> Did someone make notes of the process?
> To anyone who can correct/add to the list below...... this is for me to get the big picture.
> Is the process below correct (in main steps if I want to make an app for Android and I am on Linux as source platform)?  
> - Read the tutorial of Phil
> - For the source platform (and PyQtDeploy):
>    Download and Configure Qt5 
>    Download and Configure, Compile SIP 
>    Download and Configure, Compile PyQt5
>    Test Qt5, PyQt5 (done so far and no problems) 
>    Download/ pip install PyQtDeploy 
> - For the target platform:
>    Download the C source code of the standard Python interpreter and the C sources of the associated library modules (like ssl, socket, sqlite3, unicodedata, hashlib, ctypes)
>    Download and install the Qt binaries and source code for the target platform (for example Android)
>    Download (I'm on Linux) the cross compilers for the target platform (for example Android)
>    Download and configure the Android emulator
> - Cross compile non Python modules (C code like C extension modules to be imported like sqlite3, socket, haslib, ctypes and or other self made extension modules in C)
> Or is this done by PyQtDeploy??
> Also Statically (or shared) for Android?

pyqtdeploy will do more of this as things mature, but it will be based on the experiences of people working at the bleeding edge.

> - Start PyQtDeploy (GUI)
> - Configure PyQtDeploy to point to the qmake of the target platform (Android) downloaded and configured earlier
> - Add the application specific pure Python .py files to PyQtDeploy project 
> - Add the pure Python specific pure Python .py files to PyQtDeploy project 
> - Add the already compiled extension modules (.so) files to PyQtDeploy project
> - Build with run qmake or qmake and make???
> - Find out how to package all genereted object code for the Android platform (to make a .apk file)?

At this point you have a regular C++ Qt application, so use the relevant Qt documentation.

> Or am I lost completely ;-)

No, that's about it.


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