[PyQt] report another Os X issue: NSToolbarItem had to adjust size

GiForce code at hispeed.ch
Fri Nov 4 07:23:30 GMT 2016

experienced a few
python3[9848:643838] NSToolbarItem (<NSToolbarItem: 0x7ffd44da5a90>) had to adjust the size of <NSPopUpButton: 0x7ffd44e5eaa0> from {40, 25} to the expected size of {42, 27}. Make sure that this toolbar item view has a valid frame/min/max size. This is an app bug, please do not file a bug against AppKit or NSToolbar! Break on _NSToolbarAdjustedBorderedControlSizeBreakpoint
and similar with
…size of <NSFontPanelColorWell...
when opening a QFontDialog, 
seems to happen with the newest Xcode: http://cocoa-dev.apple.narkive.com/iSLaiCLR/strange-toolbar-item-error <http://cocoa-dev.apple.narkive.com/iSLaiCLR/strange-toolbar-item-error>

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