[PyQt] Includes in wrapper library

Jay L. jlaura at asu.edu
Mon Nov 21 13:41:47 GMT 2016

This question is about includes in the target C++ library.  The target
library has a number of 3rd party dependencies (Boost for example) that are
included in the CPP headers.  Right now, I have a Makefile that manually
edit in configure.py to patch in the wrapped library's includes:

    extra_cxxflags = ["$(ALLINCDIRS)"]
    extra_libs = ["$(ALLLIBS)", "-Wl,-rpath," + root + "/lib",
"-Wl,-rpath,"+ root +"/3rdParty/lib"]
    extra_lib_dirs = ["$(ALLLIBDIRS)"]

    makefile = ModuleMakefile(configuration=config, build_file=build_file,
    makefile.extra_cxxflags = extra_cxxflags
    makefile.extra_lflags = extra_lib_dirs

This is working fine via configure.py, but I would love to be able to use
setuptools/distutils and have a standard, pip installable package.

1) I want to confirm that any 3rd party libraries included in the code I am
trying to wrap must be linked when building the bindings?
2) The ALLINCDIRS environment variable is coming from the wrapped library's
build system.  Is anyone aware of a method to get this variable outside of
make? (I doubt this is possible, as the variable is not even populated
until make is invoked, but perhaps it is...)
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