[PyQt] PyQT and EGLFS

Sylvain Garrigues sylgar at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 16:44:48 BST 2017


I used to run PyQT fine with Qt 5.6 and the EGLFS QPA on my Raspberry Pi. I have updated to QT 5.8 and latest SIP and PyQT which cross compile fine, except that my program is no longer showing any output on the connected screen.

I added all the debug in QT_LOGGING_RULES, enabled QT_QPA_EGLFS_DEBUG eglfs specific debug, everything looks normal and the console output is the same as the equivalent C++ app, only I have TV output with the C++ version, and none with the PyQt5 version.

Same result with a basic hello world and just a main window widget. Appears on my TV with C++ (without PyQT), doesn’t appear on TV with PyQT, although log says it is rendering to OPENGL window.

My program appears fine on my Mac, so I’m wondering what’s so specific about Raspberry Pi and PyQt :-(

Any idea what’s wrong? 


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