[PyQt] Really basic debugger question

Phil phil_lor at bigpond.com
Wed Apr 12 08:52:18 BST 2017

On Wed, 12 Apr 2017 07:32:21 +0000
Tony Arnold <tony.arnold at manchester.ac.uk> wrote:

> Phil,
> On Wed, 2017-04-12 at 17:21 +1000, Phil wrote:
> > I'm having trouble coming to grips with Eric's debugger.
> > 
> > I have a simple console python3 script that I want to step through
> > viewing the variables along the way. I have set a break point.
> > 
> > Clicking on the debug tool brings up a "Debug Script" dialogue with
> > three entry boxes. I understand "Working directory" but what goes
> > into "Commandline" and "Enviroment"?
> The Commandline box allows you to specify command line options. So if
> you have a script 'xyz.py' and you can invoke it from the command line
> with 'xyz.py --option1 -s', then you can put the '--option1 -s' in the
> Commandline box in the debugger. If your script doesn't do any command
> line processing, then leave it blank.

Thank you Tony,
I've left both boxes blank but nothing seems to happen other than a quick flash while the script runs. I expected the script to stop at the breakpoint and display the variable's value.

I think I must be missing something that's very basic.


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