[PyQt] Question about SIP %Docstring

Alessandro Pasotti apasotti at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 21:44:44 BST 2017


we (QGIS project) are trying to automatically build the SIP files
(SIP_VERSION_STR=4.17, Qt 5, Python 3), in the documentation is written:

Specifying an explicit docstring will prevent SIP from generating an
automatic docstring that describes the Python signature of a function or
method overload. This means that SIP will generate less informative
exceptions (i.e. without a full signature) when it fails to match a set of
arguments to any function or method overload.

My question is if is there a way to specify the docstring while retaining
the auto-generated signature and informative exceptions, that we find
really useful.


Alessandro Pasotti
w3:   www.itopen.it
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