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I am not sure why this message is not in the archives. I assume that it was not sent because I was not a member of the mailing list at the time. I very consciously chose not to subscribe because of all the mass mailings I get that are off-topic. I expected that I would have received an ACCESS DENIED message (or something similar) in my inbox. Be that as it may, I subscribed reluctantly. Many more recent conversations than this one are in the archive now.

In a nutshell: I am getting LOTS of OpenGL errors on Windows when I try to use QtWebEngine on Windows, too many and too redundant for a screenshot. I've VERY consciously appealed this problem to the PyQt developers first, even though there are fewer of them than those who work with Qt/C++. Why? I have good reason to suspect that the PyQt developers were so eager to rush out compliance with Qt with respect to the implementation of QtWebEngine and the deprecation of QtWebKit that they were unaware that the QtDevelopers were running ahead at the same pace. Qt 5.4 was the first to use a dynamic OpenGL implementation, which loads ANGLE only as a fallback. I suspect that PyQt may still be using ANGLE by default, and I want to determine if it is being used and, if so, disable it. And for that, I need to know where Qt itself resides in the PyQt structure, if anywhere.

Hopefully this will go out, and people won't think it's too long. I myself fear that if I am too brief, I am unclear.


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Dear PyQt Users:
I'm a novice developer in the area of desktop apps, but a veteran in the world of Web development. I have yet to find in the world of GUI programming something as intuitive as HTML and JavaScript, Bootstrap and AngularJS. That being said, I have been tasked with creating an application whose raison d'?ĂȘtre is to be redistributable and have each copy modify its own data. I need to be able to redistribute this to an unknown but small number of my coworkers who will each populate a database as they see fit. When all is finished, I will collect the data back from them to gather information for a report that my department chair will write.

I want to use a thin wrapper such as QtWebEngine on a Web GUI that makes use of AngularJS and Bootstrap to lay itself out. My application is running fine on a Mac, including using qt.webChannelTransport and waiting to bootstrap the Angular application until called inside the QtWebChannel init callback. But my application is not working on Windows 7, where I am getting OpenGL error after OpenGL error. The callback is being fired, but it has no access to either console (for debugging) or to the "objects" property of the "channel" object passed as an argument to the callback. It is as though the argument is not being passed to the callback at all.

As far as I can tell, I am using OpenGL_ES.

I would like to debug my JavaScript to tell you more. But for that, I need you to implement the global function entitled "qputenv." Once that is done, I can call


and then I will get the Chrome Dev Tools at http://localhost:12345.

I am trying to switch to cefpython. But that comes with its own set of problems in using py2exe, pyinstaller, and cx_freeze. I want to distribute my app to a few people who will need it but who themselves do not have Python.

Stuart Simon
Graphics Specialist
LSU Human Development Center
411 S Prieur St
New Orleans, LA  70112

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