[PyQt] Debugger not stopping

Phil phil_lor at bigpond.com
Tue Aug 22 02:55:24 BST 2017

Thank you for reading this.

I asked the same question earlier this year after I installed an earlier 
version of Eric on my Raspberry pi. The answer was to not tick the 
debugger box "don't stop on first line". This of course worked.

I'm away from home now and have installed version eric6 17.01 on my 
laptop. Unfortunately, I'm back to square one with the debugger; it 
doesn't stop at any break point. My simple test script runs to the end 
and the debugger does display the value of the variables. I'd like to 
step through the code.

Again I'm missing something basic here. Perhaps Eric 6 is different to 
the earlier version?


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