[PyQt] QComboBox in QTableWidget: Determining which was changed

Eugene Mallay eugene at trekopedia.com
Fri Aug 25 21:11:03 BST 2017

Hi everyone,

I'm using PyQt 5 and Python 3.5. I'm hoping someone can assist me with the following issue.

I have a QTableWidget that has a QComboBox in each row (with text in the other columns). I've connected a callback to the comboboxes that is triggered whenever the combobox is changed. All comboboxes are connected to the same method. 

The problem I am having is figuring out how to determine *which* specific combobox in the table was triggered. Is there a way to determine the cell the user was interacting with which triggered the callback? 

Can anyone point me in the right direction on handling this? If possible, a short working example would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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