[PyQt] Sip and pure virtual functions

Guðjón Guðjónsson gudjon.i.gudjonsson at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 17:39:11 GMT 2017

Hi Phil

Thanks for the answer.

> You should use template classes rather than repeat the code in
> QwtSeriesStoreQwtIntervalSample, QwtSeriesStoreQPointF etc. See how
> ObjectDescriptionModel in PyQt4's phonon module is implemented.
I'm sorry but I cannot make this work.
The constructor is a template constructor and I cannot find any example of
that in the PyQtX code.

class QwtSeriesStore: QwtAbstractSeriesStore
#include "qwt_series_store.h"
    QwtSeriesStore<T>(); // Line 32
    void setData( QwtSeriesData<T> /TransferThis/ *series );
    QwtSeriesData<T> *data();
    //const QwtSeriesData *data() const;
    T sample( int index ) const;
    virtual size_t dataSize() const;
    virtual QRectF dataRect() const;
    virtual void setRectOfInterest( const QRectF &rect );
    QwtSeriesData<T> *swapData( QwtSeriesDataQwt<T> *series );

This creates an error:
sip: qwt_series_store.sip:32: syntax

> I assume you are using the current version of SIP.
I am using Sip-4.18 on Debian.

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