[PyQt] PyQt5 5.7.1 Bug: debug build on Windows broken

Dmitry Shachnev mitya57 at ubuntu.com
Tue Jan 17 15:15:42 GMT 2017

Hi all,

On Tue, Jan 17, 2017 at 02:00:09PM +0100, Hans-Peter Jansen wrote:
> Phil, please keep in mind, that *many* Linux distributions just build debug 
> versions of *all* packages in order to maintain the symbol tables.
> The build process strips the symbol tables from binaries later on, and 
> packages them separately in debug info (and debug source) packages.
> If you debug a crash with gdb, it lists all debug info packages, that needs be 
> be installed for a full backtrace with symbols.
> At openSUSE, we already patch configure.py to remove the *implicit* qml_debug 
> flag, since enabling this option has security implications (in that it opens a 
> local network port on the host):
> Index: b/configure.py
> ===================================================================
> --- a/configure.py
> +++ b/configure.py
> @@ -2243,7 +2243,7 @@ def pro_add_qt_dependencies(target_confi
>          pro_lines.append('QT += %s' % ' '.join(add))
>      pro_lines.append(
> -            'CONFIG += %s' % ('debug qml_debug' if debug else 'release'))
> +            'CONFIG += %s' % ('debug' if debug else 'release'))
>      if metadata.cpp11:
>          pro_lines.append('CONFIG += c++11')

We now have this patch in Debian too (thanks Pete!).

I agree that it would be nice if qml_debug was not implicitly added to all
debug builds (or there was another build option for debug builds without
qml_debug, so that we can use it instead of a patch).

Dmitry Shachnev
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