[PyQt] support for upgraded qtwebkit initiative?

Dan Hopkins dan.hopkins at hanzoarchives.com
Tue Jan 31 19:14:51 GMT 2017

On 31/01/17 16:31, Florian Bruhin wrote:
> Yes - I'm now using the qtwebkit-ng package on Archlinux which
> replaces the normal one.
>> My compilations from source for
>> PyQt-5.7.1/sip-4.19/Qt-5.7.1/QtWebKit[stable] on Ubuntu 14.04 segfault
>> consistently in libQt5WebKit.so
> Do you have a stacktrace?

Turns out I was being an idiot - supplying a font path that doesn't 
include the final /truetype/ suffix results in a coredump, not the 
friendliest failure mode, but I should have noticed.

Interestingly (maybe?), 'though the Qt5 configure detected FontConfig 
support, apps still fail to run without being supplied an explicit 
QT_QPA_FONTDIR pointing at system fonts. I assumed FontConfig would 
handle that transparently. It's one of a couple of reasons I'm curious 
to see other successful configure and cmake option sets (the other being 
odd OpenGL inconsistent detection) ... but this is all off PyQt topic.

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