[PyQt] Building PyQt5 on Windows

Wallboy wallboy at wallboy.ca
Wed Jun 7 13:49:08 BST 2017

Alright, I'll just rebuild with the SSL support

For testing sakes I tried copying my custom built Qt5Web*.dll and 
QtWeb*.pyd files and overwriting the PyQt5 wheels version (before 
backing them up of course), but I get DLL Import Error: The specified 
procedure could not be found. Guess doing that is a no no?

All I really want to do is replace the webengine modules with the custom 
ones I built with webrtc disabled. (Works of course from my PyQt5 
install directory and my PATH set to my bin directory of my 5.9 build)

And a bit an off topic question. I was testing QtWebEngine with my 
custom build and I noticed when resizing a QWebEngineView widget I get 
very "glitchy/jumpy" rendering compared to the default PyQt5 wheels 
version. Page scrolling is smooth for both. It's just when resizing the 
view, it goes all wonky.  Might just be some differences in the Chromium 
build versions?

Again, thanks for all your help. Finally starting to see the light at 
the end of this tunnel

On 6/7/2017 6:17 AM, Phil Thompson wrote:
> On 7 Jun 2017, at 12:57 pm, Wallboy <wallboy at wallboy.ca> wrote:
>> That indeed worked.
>> Though I found out I in fact need the SSL libraries. QtNetwork https does not work without it. I thought the OpenSSL stuff was used for the QSsl* classes only and QtNetwork would be able to handle https by default. I guess I was wrong. Do the official binaries already come with it built in?
> No - it is detected at runtime.
>> I'm guessing I just have to install OpenSSL to get https to work with custom Qt Builds?
> ...and build Qt with the right options - see the docs.
> Phil

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