[PyQt] QSharedMemory Example Crashing

Wallboy wallboy at wallboy.ca
Sat Sep 2 04:19:31 BST 2017

I need to use shared memory in my application I'm writing and I'm trying to
get the QSharedMemory example working, but I'm crashing on the following

self.sharedMemory.data()[:] = buf.data().data()

Event viewer is showing the faulting application as python.exe and the
faulting module as ucrtbase.dll

Also in the example a few lines above the crashing line is this: size =
min(self.sharedMemory.size(), size) which doesn't seem to be used anywhere.

I'm using Python 3.5 and a custom build of PyQt5.9/Qt5.9. I also tried to
run the example on a older official 5.8 wheels version, but get the same
crash, so I'm pretty sure it's not related to my custom build

Just wondering if this is happening on my end only, or if there is a problem
with the example?


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