[PyQt] Promote custom widget in Designer

Laís Pessine do Carmo lais.carmo at lnls.br
Sat Sep 2 16:18:34 BST 2017


Is there a way to promote a custom widget in Designer? For example: I have created QLed and made a plugin for that in Designer (so it is available in the widget box).

However, for some applications, I need to customize QLed a little bit by promoting it (because I would like not to create another plugin just for these minor changes).

Until now, the only solution I found was selecting "QWidget" as base class name and adding the class/header for the custom led. It works, but having a QWidget instead of the QLed in my form makes it visually bad and less intuitive.

So the question is: in the Promote Widget window, is there a way to make "QLed" appear as an option in "base class name" field?

Thanks a lot for any help,


Laís Pessine do Carmo

Analyst of Technological Development at Beamline Software Group (SOL)

Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory - LNLS
Center of Research in Energy and Materials - CNPEM
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