[PyQt] Feedback Required: Windows 32-bit Wheels

Florian Bruhin me at the-compiler.org
Thu Aug 16 13:40:10 BST 2018


On Thu, Aug 16, 2018 at 12:41:17PM +0100, Phil Thompson wrote:
> Given that 32-bit Windows seems to be becoming a second class citizen
> as far as Qt is concerned (ie. there is no 32-bit Web Engine any
> more), I am considering dropping the 32-bit Windows wheels. 32-bit
> Windows would still be supported when building from source.

IIRC, the reason there's no 32-bit QtWebEngine is that it requires
MSVC 2017 (from Chromium), but there's no build with that. From what
I've heard, that might change again with future Qt releases.

That being said, I dropped 32-bit Windows support for qutebrowser with
the latest releases, and nobody has complained so far. Some download
stats from GitHub:

v1.4.1: 1710 64-bit
v1.4.0:  852 64-bit
v1.3.3: 1485 64-bit, 374 32-bit
v1.3.2:  999 64-bit, 189 32-bit
v1.3.1:  985 64-bit, 274 32-bit
v1.3.0: 2151 64-bit, 663 32-bit

Hard to say whether the 32-bit downloads were from people with a 64-bit
OS. Since nobody complained, it probably was, and they switched to
64-bit releases.

Some people did complain about the lack of 32-bit PyQt binaries on Linux
though, but that's not many either.

So, long story short: I'd be fine with dropping it.


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