[PyQt] import QtWebView

umbe1987 umbertofilippo at tiscali.it
Tue Aug 21 21:29:06 BST 2018

Ehi Vincent, thanks for the feedback.
I do mean QtWebWiew which apparently is the only way one could use a webview
with qt for mobile devices since:
1) QWebView was deprecated, and
2) QtWebEngineView is not supported on mobile
I did my research and all seems to bring me to this QtWebView.
I am writing from my telephone so please refer to the previous link in my
original post to see what I mean.
It seems to be a module that is supposed to be used in a QML app and
initialized with a C++method.
This seems really to be the only and official way to display web pages with
Qt. I hope it is possible with PyQt5 and Python as well.
Hope it's clear, I am not that expert in the matter, but I did my research.

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