[PyQt] Android & the pyqtdeploy tool: the provided demo relies on undocumented libraries/headers?

Jonathan Leaders jonathan at leadersandco.com
Wed Aug 22 22:13:45 BST 2018

The missing steps in the docs would be which versions to download (it 
would be nice to have a series of wget commands to download  the exact 
versions required in the docs). I didn't see any versioning requirements 
in the docs, but I did see the image 
<http://pyqt.sourceforge.net/Docs/pyqtdeploy/_images/pyqt-demo.png> of 
versions here: http://pyqt.sourceforge.net/Docs/pyqtdeploy/demo.html

Are these versions in the image the ones I should use?

In any case, I notice I'm using openssl-1.0.2p.tar.gz -- not sure if 
1.0.2p that is the same as 1.0.2 but it is failing to build trying to 
find the standard library (stdlib). Perhaps because the 
sysroot-android-32/include directory is empty? Shouldn't there be *.h 
files in there? I tried removing the sysroot and running again but it 
still failed.

On 08/22/2018 02:03 PM, Phil Thompson wrote:
> On 22 Aug 2018, at 9:47 pm, Jonathan Leaders <jonathan at leadersandco.com> wrote:
>> Hello friends,
>> PyQt5 is an exciting technology to get to work on Android. I was able to get python3 + pyqt5 to work via pydroid IDE, but now I need an APK built. PyQt5 comes with a tool designed to build APK's, called pyqtdeploy, but it is not clear if it is functional yet. The provided demo is missing the steps to get from demo to APK.
> What missing steps? The build-demo.py scipt generates an APK.
>> I am new to pyqtdeploy. Is this the best way to get help? I noticed the documentation & source archive does include a demo, but does not include how to get the steps to get the demo working. However I have taken a stab at it, and I found issues compiling both OpenSSL & SIP. There are missing libraries & headers.  I have detailed my steps here in a public forum so that others who have the same issue can hopefully share what they find:
>> https://askubuntu.com/questions/1067954/how-do-i-compile-and-run-pyqtdeploys-pre-packaged-demo-application
>> Is there a place I can report this as a bug as well? Is someone in this list familiar with how to run the pyqtdeploy demo on android?
> You have to be careful of the version numbers of everything but otherwise it runs fine.
> Phil


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