[PyQt] qscintilla (and others) and private sip modules

Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Sun Aug 26 16:39:42 BST 2018

On 26 Aug 2018, at 4:16 pm, Rex Dieter <rdieter at math.unl.edu> wrote:
> Rex Dieter wrote:
>> I think I've found that the latest release of qscintilla-2.10.7 doesn't
>> work (well) with latest sip/PyQt and private sip modules. 
> Importantly, context here is that I'm trying to build Qt-5.11.1 for fedora 
> 28.  My last blocker is how to deal with PyQt5.  PyQt5-5.10 fails to build 
> against Qt-5.11, and PyQt5-5.11 introduces this (incompatible?) private sip 
> modules thing.  So if there are any simpler short-term workarounds, I'm open 
> to any advice.

On second thoughts...

How are you determining what sip flags to use? The correct '-n PyQt5.sip' flags should be in PYQT_CONFIGURATION.

Alternatively you should be able to get PyQt v5.10 to build by removing waitForEvents(), mouseEvent() and the MouseAction enum from qtestmouse.sip. These are internal and should never be used.


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