[PyQt] PYQT_CONFIGURATION["sip_flags"]

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Mon Aug 27 15:38:51 BST 2018

As suggested, I've started researching how to make various sip/PyQt 
consumers respect PYQT_CONFIGURATION, in particular, 

This was useful,
$ python3
>>> from PyQt5.Qt import PYQT_CONFIGURATION;
>>> print(PYQT_CONFIGURATION["sip_flags"])
-n PyQt5.sip -t WS_X11 -t Qt_5_10_1

and the idea is that related python modules should pass those same arguments 
to sip?  (or is just the -n PyQt5.sip piece enough?)

I wondered because kde's 
code review seems to be extracting and using only the -n ... part


$ python3
>>> from PyQt4.Qt import PYQT_CONFIGURATION
>>> print(PYQT_CONFIGURATION["sip_flags"])
-x VendorID -t WS_X11 -x PyQt_NoPrintRangeBug -t Qt_4_8_6

shouldn't PyQt4-4.12.2 be including '-n PyQt4.sip' in there?

-- Rex

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