[PyQt] Since 5.10 system tray icon cannot be hidden in Windows

Henri Wahl h.wahl at ifw-dresden.de
Mon Dec 3 10:48:15 GMT 2018

> what happens if you use an "old" 5.9 PyQt version where you replace
> only the Qt DLL files from a newer installation (5.11 for example)?
> Maybe you're not aware that it is possible to use newer Qt DLLs with
> older PyQt bindings - of course newer functionality won't be supported.
Sounds spooky but I tried and found, that it also does not work with
PyQt 5.9.2 and Qt 5.11.3 - shall be interpreted as Qt problem.
> If hiding the icon works in this case, you know that PyQt is at fault.
> If it doesn't work, then Qt is at fault. You will have to learn C++ to
> convince the Qt team to move their arse by building a minimal example
> then.
This is bad news.

Thanks anyway for the hint!

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