[PyQt] can't prepare sip sources from hg repo...

Branko Badrljica brankob at s5tehnika.net
Sat Feb 3 13:20:23 GMT 2018

Hi folks.

I use Gentoo and need PyQt5.
I have problems with compiling PyQt with gles2 support and one of the solutions mentioned on Gentoo forums is to downgrade 
sip to 4.19.1. Well, that version is not in portage tree anymore, so after trying every available version ( 4.19.{3,6,7} ), I thought
to try 4.9999 ( hg repo ).

But now prepare phase doesn't do its job completely, so subsequent configure phase fails.

After python ./build-py prepare, I get 

python build.py prepare
Running flex to create sipgen/lexer.c
Running bison to create sipgen/parser.c
sipgen/metasrc/parser.y: warning: 4 shift/reduce conflicts [-Wconflicts-sr]

I get return code of 0 (no error), but there is no configure.py I could use for configure.
All I am left with, is configure.py.in...


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