[PyQt] PyQt5-tools wheel for 5.7 (just designer for now)

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I have the same problem, none of the plugin examples appear in Qt 
Designer. I installed a clean python 3.6.4 , I made a pip3 install Py 
Qt5 == 5.9 (to be at the same version as pyqt5-tools),and I made a pip 
install pyqt5-tools.
I modified the examples/designer/ plugins/plugins.py script to find the 
binary designer.
In help> plugin Information, i have an error message telling me that 
pyqt5.dll is not a valid Win32 application.
Has anyone managed to have plugins visible in Qt Designer?
I really need it.



Le 03/08/2016 à 18:45, Kyle Altendorf a écrit :
> I haven't managed to get any debugging output but I did try it with 
> the examples/designer/plugins/plugins.py script (adjusted for my 
> designer binary path).  It also loads pyqt5.dll but does not show any 
> widgets listed under it (via Help > About Plugins) or in the regular 
> widget bar on the left.
> Phil, last time I had widget issues we both had bugs.  Do you have a 
> working copy of pyqt5.dll for 5.7 that I could try?
> Cheers,
> -kyle
> On 2016-08-02 11:51, Kyle Altendorf wrote:
>> I took Phil's cue and started a basic wheel with Designer and the 
>> PyQt5 plugin.
>> https://github.com/altendky/pyqt5-tools/releases/tag/v5.7.dev1
>> But, while the pyqt5.dll plugin does load, my widgets don't load.
>> They do work with Windows and Linux 5.5.1 setups as well as Linux 5.7.
>>  Last I checked, there wasn't really any diagnostic ability for this
>> in Windows.  Has anything changed on that front or do I need to start
>> adding debugging to the source code?
>> If people like this, I can start adding some other tools once I get
>> Designer working for myself.  And get it on PyPi...
>> Cheers,
>> -kyle
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