[PyQt] PyQt5-tools wheel for 5.7 (just designer for now)

Baptiste de la gorce guilbut.pyqt2 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 13:50:06 GMT 2018

Thank you Michael for your advice .

I tried again this morning, being careful to use the good versions of 
dlls (32 vs 64 bit),but I did not manage to get the plugin examples to 
display in Qt Designer.
  I installed a clean python 3.6.2  , I made a pip3 install PyQt5==5.9 
(to be at the same version as pyqt5-tools),and I made a pip install 
pyqt5-tools.I modified the examples/designer/plugins/plugins.py script 
to find the binary designer. In help> plugin Information, i get now an 
error message saying "Cannot load library 
......\pyqt5-tools\plugins\designer\pyqt5.dll: the specified module 
could not be found". I'm sure that the file exists and that designer 
found it because when I remove it , in help> plugin Information, 
QtDesigner juste says "QtDesigner could'nt find any plugins".  I have 
tried with both python 3.6.2 32 bit and python 3.6.2 64 bit and have 
exactly the same error.
Did someone manage to have plugins visible in Qt Designer? thanks for 
your help.



Le 14/02/2018 à 05:20, michael h a écrit :
>     pyqt5.dll is not a valid Win32 application.
>     Baptiste
> Usually when I've seen this the user is mixing 32 and 64 bit exes/dlls
> Michael

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