[PyQt] SIP bindings generation for orocos_kinematics_dynamics library not working after SIP 4.16.8

Daniel Claes dclaes at smart-robotics.nl
Thu Feb 22 13:54:51 GMT 2018

Hi all,

We had some weird issues and we tracked it down now that it is probably an issue with the SIP binding generation.

When building the python bindings of the orocos_kinematics_dynamics library with SIP 4.15.5 (as standard now install under 14.04) everything works as expected.

When using the same library code with SIP v 4.16.8 or later the generated code has some really weird issues.
You can look at the two issues on github:

Basically, something weird happens if an member of an object is created and accessed in a oneliner. The memory access seems scrambled, such that the outcome is either 0, close to 0 or the actual value.

Even worse when compiling the library with SIP 4.19.x the import of the python library segfaults.
The latest working version for it was SIP 4.16.7

Does somebody have an idea how this might happen and what to do to fix it?

Thank you and kind regards,

Daniel Claes
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