[PyQt] Too many signals fired in short timespan: one step closer to solution

kristof.mulier at telenet.be kristof.mulier at telenet.be
Wed Jun 13 18:29:06 BST 2018

Dear PyQt users, 

I believe we're one step closer to the solution. Please read the EDIT at the very end of the StackOverflow question: 


I noticed that the repeated call to app.processEvents() is the culprit, when called too often in a short timespan. Removing that line from the code in the slot, solved the issue. But it takes down the responsiveness of my GUI. So I thought, why not query first if there are any events to get processed anyway? Unfortunately, the function hasPendingEvents() is not safe to use when there are any non-main-threads running in the entire application. That's not okay. 

Please help... 
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