[PyQt] [PYQT] Increse the regex in QtCore.QRegExp

Maziar Parsijani maziar.parsijani at gmail.com
Sun Sep 16 08:47:30 BST 2018

Hi Michael,
I attached an example file on this post,But I summarized the part that I
want to work on it.I retrieve data from sqlite and set it into textedit and
here I have just added 2 strings in it.for addition I have to say my data
is Arabic text.before this I have found a way to compile the exact thing to
highlight but now the problem is the low speed with more data.
Thanks for your advice about profiling codes.

On Sun, Sep 16, 2018 at 8:00 AM michael h <michaelkenth at gmail.com> wrote:

> doc.setDefaultStyleSheet(<span class="highlight">found</span>)
>> This is where the css rules go, not the html
>> doc.setHtml()
>> this would be where you set the html
> Aside from that:
> - Profile the code because the issue may not be where you expect it
> - You might look into using QSyntaxHighlighter, which would allow you to
> highlight without inserting HTML markup.
> - If you could post a self contained runnable example I'd take a closer
> look
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