[PyQt] Inconsistent behavior with multiple inheritance and ConvertToSubClassCode

Nyall Dawson nyall.dawson at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 08:10:16 BST 2018

Hi list,

I've been struggling for a while with some inconsistent behavior
relating to ConvertToSubClassCode and a multiple inherited class.

The definition currently looks something like:

class LayoutItem : LayoutObject, QGraphicsRectItem
#include "layoutitem.h"
#include "layoutitempicture.h"
#include "layoutitemlabel.h"
    // the conversions have to be static, because they're using
multiple inheritance
    // (seen in PyQt4 .sip files for some QGraphicsItem classes)
    switch ( sipCpp->type() )
      case QGraphicsItem::UserType + 104:
        sipType = sipType_LayoutItemPicture;
        *sipCppRet = static_cast<LayoutItemPicture *>( sipCpp );
      case QGraphicsItem::UserType + 105:
        sipType = sipType_LayoutItemLabel;
        *sipCppRet = static_cast<LayoutItemLabel *>( sipCpp );
        sipType = 0;

While this... sometimes... works correctly, most often LayoutItem
subclasses are not automatically cast to the subclass, and remain as
LayoutItems only. Is the ConvertToSubClassCode incorrect here?


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