[PyQt] Updated PyQt Documents - Feedback Please

Kyle Altendorf sda at fstab.net
Fri Sep 28 17:10:46 BST 2018

On 2018-09-28 11:38, Phil Thompson wrote:
> I've made a new release of the PyQt documentation at...
> https://pyqt.readthedocs.io

> Any feedback and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Thanks Phil.  While this isn't as big a deal for me I know that many 
people without C++ background ask for this.

I second the suggestion to have a link to the C++ docs.  If you are 
parsing the C++ source perhaps you could even provide GitHub links to 
the C++ source?  Obviously an 'advanced' feature but it'd be handy at 
times.  I also like aspects of their structure which could be applied 
here.  I like the separation of methods overridden by a given class in 
the C++ docs, though people do admittedly regularly miss the 'all 
members' links in the Qt docs.  Also separation of static methods.  You 
already have the signals separate.  You have the 'inherits' section, the 
'inherited by' section is nice for navigating the opposite direction.

I don't by any means think the C++ docs should be a reference standard 
to copy, but I do find many aspects useful.

Oh yeah, thumbs up for not SourceForge.  :]  Their frequent downtime has 
been an annoyance.


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