[PyQt] pyqt5-tools v1.3 released

Kyle Altendorf sda at fstab.net
Sat Sep 29 05:31:26 BST 2018

pyqt5-tools v1.3 is up on PyPI.  Basically the same thing as always but 
tidied up.

* Wheels for PyQt5 5.11.2 and Python 3.7 (as well as older versions 
* Entry points are used to provide .exe files for all the tools within 
the scripts directory
* New `pyqt5designer.exe` wrapper entry point
   * cli options for widget directories
   * sets PYTHONPATH for virtualenv/venv setup
* All entry points search for and load .env files
* `DOT_ENV_DIRECTORY` environment variable is created for substitution 
into paths in .env files
* Ability to `Form` > `View Code...` in Designer to see Python code 
(requires setup)

See the readme, of course.


New PyPI bonus, you can actually see a list of all the versions so you 
can see if what you need is available.


Sorry, but the QML plugin is being built but isn't really working yet as 
far as I know.


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