[PyQt] Where does pyqt5qmlplugin.dll get the python executable path?

Russell Warren russ at perspexis.com
Tue Jan 8 21:38:01 GMT 2019

I've been able to get qmlscene plugins working on Linux, but am now trying
to get them working on Windows and am having trouble, particularly when in
a virtualenv,

I'm running qmlscene.exe within a virtualenv where my PATH clearly
references the python I want to use (with related site-packages)... yet
pyqt5qmlplugin.dll is somehow finding and launching my <foo>plugin.py file
with a completely different python path. This is apparent not just from it
not working, but from sneaking a peak at the site-packages dir used by the
plugin;py file in sys.path.

Where/how does pyqt5qmlplugin.dll get the path to the python executable to
run the requisite `<foo>plugin.py` file?

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