[PyQt] pyqt widget plugins for qt-designer do not seem to work (cygwin)

Biofysikos Biologos biofysikos at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 18:00:31 GMT 2019


The situation is as follows:

I have installed pyqt for qt5 on my cygwin platform using the following

apt-cyg install python-pyqt5

I have also installed Qt Designer using (FYI: I also installed an x-server)

apt-cyg install qt5-devel-tools

I have found the location of the widget plugins using:

$ qtdiag-qt5 | grep Plugins
  PluginsPath: /usr/lib/qt5/plugins

and the plugins for qt-designer are found in

To check that the plugins work I have installed some dll's inside the
above folder and they do show up in the widget pallete of Qt Designer.

Moreover I have installed cygpyqt5.dll which does not seem to work as
it is supposed to check inside /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/designer/python

for pyqt widget plugins and add them to the widget pallete. I DO have
a few pyqt plugins inside the folder but cygpyqt5.dll does not find

I am using python 2.7 and qt 5.9.4

Have in mind that I have tried it on my Mac and it works, but it does
not work on cygwin. Any help is appreciated!

Thank you,

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